About the site

In honor of Susie Dvoskin

Chuppah by Linda Gollub-Berger
“Let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet” Song of Songs 2:14

This website is intended for anyone who would like to read or teach others to read Haftarah/Torah.

It is both for those who are studying for a bar or bat mitzvah as well as for adults who are venturing into Torah reading or teaching. It includes a section for those learning their Haftarah/Torah portions, a section for those who want to teach others, and a section for working with people with special needs.

The section devoted to teaching others is unique. הדרכת מורים

It provides an opportunity to learn how to teach others or to improve your own teaching skills.

The teaching method presented has been developed over the years by Susie Dvoskin and is explained in a series of short films by Susie herself.

The texts have been recorded by her students and their students, as well as by many of Susie’s friends as an expression of gratitude and love for Susie.

Because we view it as a teaching site, we selected one of many variations of cantillation melodies (the one that Susie utilizes in her reading and teaching) and asked our readers to use this melody. This proved to be a challenge for many of our readers, and we discovered that even when the melodies are similar, each person develops their own voice and style. We truly appreciate the effort our readers made to use this melody. In spite of their efforts, there are still slight differences that can be detected among the readers.

A word about women’s voices:

Encouraging women to participate in synagogue rituals adds 50% of the population to the group of potentially active players celebrating our tradition.

And a word about friendship: :

This website has been created by Dr. Gila Vogel (special education), Rabbi Judith Edelman-Green, and Susie Dvoskin – Torah teacher and special educator. Since 1994, we have worked together and have created the “Bar/bat Mitzvah for the Special Child Program” of the Masorti (Conservative Movement) in Israel. Other joint creations are The National Conference of Jewish Special Education, Netaim Summer Camp (for youngsters with special needs) at Ramah-Noam, the Rimon Community for Adults with Special Needs, and now this website.