Initial meeting with parents and student

Guiding question:

What might you discuss during the initial meeting with parents and the bar/bat mitzvah student?


A. Introductions

B. Getting to know one another

C. Questions for parents

D. Reciting the “Shecheyanu” blessing together


Getting Organized

Guiding question:

What decisions need to be made before the first lesson?


A. When should the lessons begin?

B. How frequently should the lessons take place?


Cantillation signs (trope)

Guiding question:

What are cantillation signs (trope)?


A. The role of the cantillation signs

B. The difference between reading Torah and Haftarah

C. Demonstrating how the trope work

D. How to use the flashcards


Sequence of introducing material

Guiding question:

In what order should we teach the material?


A. The order should be:
1) Haftarah
2) Blessings for the Haftarah
3) Blessings for an aliyah to the Torah
4) The Maftir reading
5) Additional readings and prayers

B. The recommended sequence for teaching the trope


Organizing a lesson

Guiding question:

How should the lesson be organized?


A. Small talk

B. Review

C. Introducing new material

D. Recording the material (time allotted to each section will change).


Organizing the learning environment

Guiding question:

How can we create the ideal conditions for learning?


A. Choosing an appropriate time to teach

B. The optimal length of a lesson

C. Taking breaks

D. Where should the lesson take place?


Increasing motivation through positive reinforcement

Guiding question:

How can we increase motivation?


A. The importance of positive reinforcement

B. Praise should be specific

C. Tone of voice


Tips for making the learning process easier

Guiding question:

What are some tips that can make learning easier?


A. Photocopy pages

B. Enlarge the print

C. Use color

D. Record

E. Use a practice chart


Overcoming challenges

Guiding question:

How can we overcome the challenges that often arise?


A. Singing off key

B. Reading difficulties

C. Initial difficulties: Confusing trope after introducing the זקף קטון

D. When should we involve the parents?


Finishing touches

Guiding question:

What needs to be done towards the end of the learning process?


A. Practice standing up in a loud voice, at a good pace

B. Rehearse in the synagogue

C. Respond to questions from parents

D. Discuss how the youngster defines success