Tamar Kolberg

I was born in Israel to American parents. Our Sabbath table and many holiday festivities instilled within me a deep connection to Jewish tradition. During those early years, my parents became members of a Reform congregation and so I grew up in a Jewish community that was egalitarian and fun. My formal Jewish education includes an M.A. in Jewish philosophy and education, and rabbinic ordination from the Israeli branch of the JTS (The Conservative Rabbinical program).

For many years I worked in teacher training, both in the “Tali” school system (offering an enriched Jewish study program) and the Levinsky Teacher’s college. In 2002 I became the Rabbi of the “Ra’anan” Congregation in Ra’anana. In 2015 I enrolled in a framework where I both volunteer and am being trained as a Spiritual Guide.

The family life my husband and I created always included active involvement in a congregation. When I decided to learn how to read from the Torah, Susie was the teacher I chose. She and I met as parents in the Tali school and as members of the “Hod Ve’Hadar” conservative congregation. I was blessed with a wonderful teacher! I have three grown children and two granddaughters. I have been blessed for many years with friends like Susie who are both mentors and fellow travelers seeking a path amidst our Jewish past and present.

And to Susie a special blessing – in the name of the many women, both silent and vocal who are involved in doing sacred work with her continual inspiration!