Miriam Syvertsen

My name is Miriam Syvertsen.  I met Judith when she came to Shabbat dinner at my family’s house in Wisconsin.  She learned that I have been leyning at my shul regularly since my bat mitzvah in 2013, and invited me to join this project.

I love Hebrew grammar–why a dot is in one place and not another, and why there are unexpected changes in nekudot.  I am fascinated by the quirks in certain words, and read any Hebrew grammar book that I can get my hands on.  I enjoy explaining what I learn to my sister in bed before we fall asleep.

Reading Haftarah combines three things I have been drawn to ever since I can remember: anything Jewish, music (I play cello and upright bass), and learning new things.  I also have had wonderful teachers.  I am very grateful that they continue to be part of my life.